• Mechanical Design

    Tooling Design:

    With our design expertise we can design all types of production equipment including: semi-automated tooling, fixtures and jigs, indexing dial machines, power and free conveyor systems and material handling equipment.

    Trade Studies:

    We can do comparative studies to help you choose the best methods and processes to increase productivity and get the earliest pay back on new equipment.

    Modeling and Drawing Services:

    We use Solid Works modeling software to create your designs. We can help you catch up on documenting past designs and even create 3D models from your legacy 2D drawings.

  • Automation Design

    Do you need to increase production? Are mistakes and rework costing you money? Custom automation could be the answer to your production problems. At SAS Mechanical Design we have over 20 years of experience providing custom automation solutions to the automotive, medical and consumer products industries. Automatic assembly, parts inspection and material handling are all within our design capabilities. Our custom automation experience includes working with such companies as 3M, Proctor and Gamble, Tyco Medical and Gerber. Don't let outdated equipment and inefficient processes reduce your company's bottom line. Contact SAS Mechanical Design for automation solutions to make you more competitive in the global marketplace.

  • Product Development

    Design Trade Study:

    If you have an idea for a product but aren't sure what direction to take the design, we can perform comparative studies to make sure you choose the right design for your product.

    Prototype Design:

    We can us your ideas to create the solid models and mechanical drawings needed to manufacture a working prototype.

    Manufacturing Design:

    We will take your prototype design and use our manufacturing expertise to create a final design that is ready for mass production.

    January 09, 2012


    SAS Mechanical Design is our "go-to" resource for technical and mechanical expertise, augmenting our in-house engineering team. Its principle, Steve Schneider, is one of the best, realistic and practical engineers with whom I have worked over the past 30 years. SAS has assisted us on numerous projects, with each project yielding positive, usable results.

    We have utilized the expertise of SAS Mechanical Design for technical evaluations, input on structural and kinematics design and analysis, and for the production of operating prototypes. They have always been very responsive, with very reasonable rates, and have always practiced and shown genuine interests, concern, and commitment towards our challenges. Our involvement with SAS Mechanical Design has included projects as simplistic as application of practical engineering design and analysis to sophisticated breakthrough innovation work involving totally new concepts, engineering design, feasibility and analysis. SAS has quickly understood our goals, reacted promptly to directional changes, and has jumped through hoops when the effort demanded such a commitment. SAS has repeatedly delivered on all accounts in an "as promised" condition, many times well beyond our expectations.

    We will continue to consider SAS Mechanical Design as an extension of our internal technical capabilities and look forward to a long, continuous, and mutually prosperous relationship.

    - Jim Masters
    Sr. VP - Engineering - Exemplis, Inc. - Cypress, CA